Defensive Driving School


Affiliated Defensive Driving School of Northeast Texas is owned by Henry Barber. The business is state certified and serving locations in Northeast Texas since 1993.

We have a staff of professional instructors who are dedicated to making Defensive Driving classes fun, informative and entertaining.

We value our customers and provide excellent customer service before, during and after the class. If you have a problem you can call us. We want to help. If we can’t provide the help and service that you need and deserve we will help you find someone who can. We will not insult your intelligence nor your moral values.



Texas Driver's Licenses for Adults 18-24

If you are between the age of 18 and 24 and have never had a Texas state driver license, then you must successfully complete adult driver education to apply for your license. 

Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket 

Complete this course if you have received an eligible traffic citation in Texas and wish to dismiss it so that it does not appear on your driving record. Dismissing the ticket will prevent your insurance rates from increasing as a result of the citation. This course may only be taken once every 12 months.

Certified Instructors


  • Henry Barber
  • Gary Bass
  • Angela Davis 
  • Sherry Fair
  • Lois Jacobs 
  • Shantae Locket
  • Vickie Long
  • Gloria Washington
  • Gail Miller 
  • Mary Sasser
  • Pamela Walker
  • Jerry Hurndon 
  • Toni Tatum
  • Char Thomas
  • Beverly Edwards
  • ​Joyce Guest
  • ​Lisbeth Rice
  • Wynn Middlebrook
  • ​Denise Madkin